Do You Know Your Jar?

To most of us Java programmers, we're probably most familiar with the term jar files, which is where we pack our classes into. But how well do we know our jars? Do we create our own META-INF, or let our IDE creates them by default? Here is a review by Peter V. Mikhalenko in TechRepublic on jar file structure, and the META-INF definition.
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Aria Bima Mahesa Putra (aka BhimZ) is an experienced software developer, with a lot of experience in various projects with different background. He is currently focused in mobile apps, and has been invested in game development ever since he was a kid in highschool. He founded BhimZ games, his one-man-army game studio as a mean to make his own brand of games during his spare times working as a software engineer in a multinational company. At leisure times he enjoys the company of his family, playing mobile games and watches Japanese tokusatsu and anime with his son.
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