40 Sum - Sudoku Meets Kakuro

A new puzzle sensation for Sudoku lovers and alike!

Got the heart for number puzzles games? Filled up the last page of you Sudoku puzzle book and still looking for more? Then try 40 Sum - the addition Sudoku!

40 Sum combines the fun of a Sudoku game with simple math, creating a brand new logic challenging puzzle game. Your task is to fill the 7x7 grid with numbers between 1-9. Each row and column must not contain duplicate numbers. Simple, right? There's another catch: each row and column must sum up to exactly 40! Are you smart enough to complete the puzzles?

Just 3 simple game rules to follow!
Each levels are handcrafted for you, designed for quick play and requires less than 5 minutes to solve; just perfect for playing anytime, anywhere: on your daily commute, during lunch breaks, or in between waiting for your next online game sessions :D

Hand-crafted puzzles, designed for quick plays
Here are the features:
  • Simple but challenging puzzle game play
  • Dozens of levels, updated monthly
  • Clean minimalist but beautiful design
  • Smooth and interesting  animation
Ready to test your wits? go and download 40 sum here!

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