Nasi Rames, Bu! Demo Version -- The Street Cuisine Game

Title: Nasi Rames, Bu! Demo Version
Type: Java Mobile Game / Casual
Supported Platform: Nokia S60 Series, Nokia NGage / NGage QD, Sony Erricson W-Series Download: Here!
Nasi Rames - A Traditional Cuisine from Indonesia, consist of rice with various toppings of fish, meat, vegetables and spices of choice. Usually sold by female street peddlers or traditional diners in Java.
Nasi Rames, Bu! is a unique casual game, where you play a part as a traditional food peddler. Your job is to complete your customers orders, by matching items in the order with items on the menu. Careful though, the longer it takes for you to complete an order, the customer might get impatient and decided to leave without paying. In each level, there's a certain number of score that you have to fulfill, or else you'll lose the game. The demo version currently only allows you to play until level 1-3, but a full version game will come soon enough. Here's what to expect from the full version game:
  • More menu item, more order, more mayhem
  • Color Coded Order - finish orders with the same colors to add some combo bonus!
  • Out of this world orders - serve rice with the most unthinkable toppings ever: pizzas, cactuses, cell phones -- even rockets!
  • 21 wacky levels
  • Better graphics
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About BhimZ

Aria Bima Mahesa Putra (aka BhimZ) is an experienced software developer, with a lot of experience in various projects with different background. He is currently focused in mobile apps, and has been invested in game development ever since he was a kid in highschool. He founded BhimZ games, his one-man-army game studio as a mean to make his own brand of games during his spare times working as a software engineer in a multinational company. At leisure times he enjoys the company of his family, playing mobile games and watches Japanese tokusatsu and anime with his son.
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Anonymous said...

Bhimz, memang selalu melakukan inovasi2 game HP. Berjuang terus.

Anonymous said...

bhimz gak jalan nih di hape saya (nokia 3210)

kaemfujiwara said...

bos bikin tutorialnya dunk.bikin game wat hp

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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aan said...

wah bagus sekali game nya.. terus tingkatkan inovasinya.. semangat..


Anonymous said...

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